Consulting and engineering services

We provide consulting and engineering services in the fields of transport, waste management, energy, buildings, utilities and adaptation to climate change.

We have the appropriate knowledge and skills, we know the tools and techniques of managing the preparation and implementation of projects and we combine this with many years of experience in working on large projects in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

For clients, we manage the process of preparation of project and other documentation, the contracting process and the process of project implementation / construction.

Selection of optimal project ideas and solutions

For our clients’ projects, we perform analyzes that take into account all relevant elements of the project (economic, technical, legal) in order to ensure the success of project execution.

We use this approach to discover the advantages and disadvantages of individual project options and choose the most suitable, ie. the one that has the best performance.

Timely undertaking of these activities is crucial if the Investor wants to avoid the possibility of investing a lot of time and money in the wrong option.

Analysis of project solutions, project cost optimization and savings

We use these analyzes to discover the advantages and disadvantages of individual project solutions and to select the most suitable one, ie. the one that brings the greatest benefit in terms of invested funds and resources.

To reduce the financial and other risks of the project, it is crucial to apply appropriate knowledge and experience in practice through the timely implementation of project optimization, choice of technologies and materials, methods and approaches to construction and providing supporting resources (supply, transport approaches, landfills, etc.).


We have experience working with leading consulting companies

Availability for work worldwide

The basic principles of engineering are universal in nature (scientific knowledge is used to design processes, buildings or equipment) and are applicable worldwide.

At the invitation of clients, we accept engagement in Europe and beyond. We have experience in teamwork in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Presentations, seminars, trainings and education

We use an integrated approach in knowledge transfer and combine educational presentations, mentoring, support on current projects and jobs, and learning from best practice cases.

We have practical experience in organizing presentations, trainings and seminars on the organization and management of infrastructure projects in the field of transport, adaptation to climate change, waste management and communal infrastructure.

Strategies for excellence

We work on strategies to anticipate the problems that may arise on the way to achieving the goal on which the survival of our system depends in a real environment, as well as to find solutions to these problems.

In doing so, it is necessary to know equally well the activity and area for which the strategy is being worked on, as well as the links within the system itself.

We have experience from practice in the preparation and drafting of strategic documents as a prerequisite for infrastructure and utility development. We help clients identify and design development scenarios that will give the best effects within the given deadlines.

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